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About You

About You

Why an About You page and not an About Us?

Because it should be about you and getting you back to work and life after an injury. Make yourself a priority! Too often people don’t seek help with small aches and pains, which then develop into bigger pains or chronic ongoing conditions. The flow on effect can impact on your friends, family and quality of life!

If the tension and stress of work is causing neck and shoulder pain or you have a sore low back from sitting at your desk all day we would love to see you. We specialise in treating the aches, pains and injuries that work can sometimes give us and provide personalised care based service on getting you great results.

Whether you are one of Melbourne’s highflying corporates, kicking goals in a creative start-up or helping the shoppers of Bourke street mall with clothing choices or a crafted coffee, we are here to help you out.

Healthlogic are leaders in managing Occupational health injuries, early intervention and providing Workcover and TAC injury treatment and management. We work directly with both employers to improve their workplace health outcomes and those who are returning to work from a workplace injury. Whether you are in an office based role in need of ergonomic and corporate health assistance or more physical with your job, our Physiotherapists will stop those little workplace niggles turning into big problems.