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Sit to Stand desk options – Full desk Vs Retrofit

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Posted by on August 13th, 2017  •  0 Comments  • 

Sit to Stand desk options – Full desk Vs Retrofit

One of the most regularly ask questions we have working in our space of creating more movement in organisations is what is the difference between full sit and stand desks and the ones you place on the desk?

In our game we call the ones you place on the desk a “retrofit” or “desktop” option. However it’s good to point out that you can retrofit an existing desktop to sit and stand desk legs turning it into a full sit and stand desk too.

For our purposes today we’ll be comparing the pair of a full sit and stand desk vs. a retrofit on the desk option.

Firstly, both are more beneficial in terms of creating movement than just your standard sitting workstation. However, there are some specific hazards to be aware of with the retrofit models (we’ll get to this).

Lets start by looking at our retrofit models. These are models that you put on your existing desk and away you go. A common example is the range of models from Varidesk. PHW Group are not advocates for these for a number of reasons including:

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Injury Prevention and the role of a Physiotherapist

In an age where we can track most daily occurrences and habits through technology the role of a physiotherapist is changing from an injury management perspective to an injury prevention perspective.

As highly trained health professionals, physiotherapists have the skills and knowledge to be able to empower and educate patients on how to prevent injuries.

Listen to your body

Waiting for an injury to occur before taking notice may turn what could be a quick fix into a longer rehabilitation program. Those little aches, niggles, pains and stiffness you experience are the first signs something may need to be addressed. Being proactive and addressing these niggles and potential weaknesses in your body may help prevent an injury.

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Working with back pain

Do you want to get on top of your back pain so you can be more productive at work and in your personal life?

Physiotherapy can help with initial treatment and set you up with self-management strategies, which helps you avoid the need for ongoing physiotherapy treatment.

Here are our tips to protect your back at work and home:

Standing Posture

  • Relax! Keep your shoulders relaxed with your chest lifted.
  • Keep your chin tucked to ensure correct neck posture
  • You should feel balanced across your shoulders and stable through your back
  • Imagine a piece of string holding you up from the crown of your head so that you lengthen through your spine.

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Returning to sport after a break

Have you taken a break from your exercise routine over Christmas and New Year and are now having trouble getting motivated to return? With the New Year well underway here are our top tips to help motivate and get back exercising during 2017.

Don’t beat yourself up

If you’ve taken a break or overindulged don’t punish yourself by thinking you need to exercise to get back in shape. You are more likely to commit and continue with regular exercise if you find an exercise or activity you enjoy.

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Goal setting for 2017

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution and within a few days, a week or even a month, you relapse into you old habits and end up back where you started?

Resolutions, in the true sense of the word, can be hard to keep. A resolution by definition is something that you will decide to do or not do. For example, ‘I will not eat chocolate’. They can be quite rigid and overwhelming to stick to so instead of setting a resolution why not focus on goals?

Here are our top tips for helping you succeed in 2017 with your New Year’s goals.

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Christmas shopping and neck/shoulder/back care

With Christmas just around the corner, how are you going to make sure you look after your neck, shoulders and back during the busy festive season?

Whether you are food shopping, buying gifts or even your everyday handbag; lifting and carrying heavy bags places additional stress on your shoulders, neck and back that can lead to an increased risk of injury.

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. It moves in a variety of directions, and therefore what we gain in mobility we give up in stability. With this in mind it is important that we protect this complex joint as we lift more over the Christmas period.

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What is a physiotherapist?

You may have been to or know someone who has been a client of a physiotherapist, but what do they do?

A physiotherapist is a highly trained healthcare professional who assesses and treats their patient’s movement, functional injuries and/or impairments from an evidence-based perspective.

Treatment is often focused on education, manual therapy and rehabilitation involving movement and exercise.

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