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Health Services

Health Services


Is pain or a niggling injury getting in your way?
Do you want to feel better and more in control?
Whether you are experiencing a simple niggle, work related injury, sporting injury, long term health condition or women’s health concern, we have physiotherapists that can provide a tailored treatment approach taking you to full recovery.

Exercise Based Rehabilitation & Self Management

We specialise in designing an exercise based rehabilitation program, with a focus on self management, that works for YOU!
Our exercise classes will leave you feeling stronger, leaner and invigorated. These classes are all run by a physiotherapist who can provide modifications to any exercise so that you can feel comfortable and confident when you move/during the class.

Occupational & Corporate Health

Experiencing niggling pains whilst you work?
Are you struggling to get through the day at the office?
If sitting at your desk all day is leaving you with a poor posture come in and experience our clinic showcasing sit and stand desks and ergonomic chairs.
Our Physiotherapists are specialised in occupational and corporate health and will help you combat the health and posture effects of sitting all day for work!

Leaders in workplace injury treatment and solutions